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Why Gibson-Air? The Answer Is Commitment to Service

Why choose Gibson-Air? Because we assure you that your refrigeration and HVAC systems work to the exact industry standards you need to meet. Gibson-Air works for our every Toronto client – from medical laboratories to professional food services – according to our complete set of commitments:

Lower Prices

Gibson-Air offers the most cost-effective service available. The basis of this economy is our labour rate, which is among the lowest in the industry. This includes overtime and emergency calls at the same hourly rate. Our staff is made up of salaried professionals rather than hourly employees. The savings for our clients are important because – unlike with hourly workers – we never spend more time on a job than is necessary to round out an otherwise short day. Furthermore, Gibson-Air doesn’t pressure you to sell unnecessary services to gain payable hours for our staff. Gibson-Air is also unique in that our employees don’t receive a parts bonus. Most other service groups encourage sales with commission on parts or other inducements, often resulting in the unnecessary replacement of components.

Quality Service

As mentioned above, our wage policy not only contributes to cost efficiency but fosters a more diligent effort on the part of our staff. Even on pre-quoted, fixed-price work, our people are not constrained by any flat-rate time frame on the part of our managers. We stress not only technical skills but also communication skills. Your on-site personnel benefit from our service people’s willingness to explain necessary repairs in full, while stressing preventive measures that help to avoid recurring problems.

Preventative Maintenance Policy

To help us identify systems in a large number of locations in the Toronto area, we employ an alpha-numeric registry. This way we can accurately and quickly identify each unique piece of equipment. When you need parts replacements and repairs, Gibson-Air responds quickly and efficiently with complete information about your systems. Plus, our service for compiling your equipment data is free to all preventive maintenance customers.

Our system registry also includes a survey of equipment condition, detailing:

  • Age of major components

  • Age of cabinet

  • Condition of equipment derived from a comprehensive mechanical inspection

  • Recent repairs & replacements that are identifiable

  • Recommendations regarding necessary repairs or imminent problems

Our preventive maintenance service includes an optional system repair history with every invoice. All data pertaining to a particular unit will accompany our billings. The history helps clarify of warranty coverage and readily identifies problem equipment. Combined with our system registry, this information relieves you of a substantial bookkeeping burden. It also provides instant analysis of preventive maintenance effectiveness.

All invoices and quotations will include a notice outlining your system refrigerant, its availability and phase-out date, if applicable.

Service Advantages

In addition to Gibson-Air’s preventive maintenance policy and system registry, we offer a free follow-up visit on every repair. These follow-ups are of particular benefit to systems with intermittent problems. However, our preventative maintenance policy significantly reduces your need for callbacks, warranty calls and downtime. All warranty coverage is on all parts and labour, and coverage extends 13 months from installation.

We offer an effective preventive maintenance program which, coupled with our equipment survey, demonstrably reduces downtime and emergency service. Our customers are long-term, some relationships spanning over 20 years, and in every instance our willingness to view service from a client’s perspective engenders confidence as well as savings.

In-Shop Services

Gibson-Air is the only service group in the Greater Toronto Area to offer full in-shop service for all the equipment we support. This includes complete welding, machining, painting, sheet metal and stainless steel repair. Instead of our technicians taking up your employee’s work space to complete repairs, Gibson-Air provides completely free pick-up and delivery.

Our in-shop welding services give you a safety advantage too. You will not have to deactivate your fire detection and suppression systems because a technician needs to use a welding torch on your refrigeration system.

In-shop service is not only more expedient, but also more cost-effective. Evaluating the success of a repair to one piece of refrigeration equipment can be a time-consuming endeavour. Just waiting for the load temperature to slowly reach the system's set-point translates into increased labour charges for on-site work. Instead of spending added time at your site, our technicians efficiently use their time and your time instead of wasting it while waiting for your refrigeration equipment to cool.

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